Sphere of activity

Advocate Stanislaw Chodkowski using his experience from law enforcement bodies provides comprehensive legal services as well to individuals as economic subject (mainly small and medium sized businesses who need ad-hoc or permanent legal service),

I. offer for individuals

1. Criminal Law
Advocate Stanislaw Chodkowski, using experience gained in working in law enforcement (division of homicide of the prosecution of military units) provides expert assistance:
a) to the victims and sufferer injured in traffic accidents, representing the interests of these persons before the law enforcement and justice at the stage of proceedings;
b) needy of defense at every stage of the criminal process, from pre-trial proceedings (investigation, inquiry) including jurisdictional stage of uncompromising defense of legitimate rights clients before courts both common and military, to the phase of execution of the penalty, with the institutions provided for in the Code of Execution of Criminal Sentences  in all matters relating to violations of criminal laws, including penal fiscal code.

2. Civil Law
Advocate Stanislaw Chodkowski serves his customers in a wide range of civil law. This assistance contains particular:
a) providing advice, consultation and clarification of binding law regulations in contract and property law and descended from these powers and duties;
b) preparing lawsuits, all kinds of pleadings, draft contracts;
c) advising and personal involvement in the negotiation of contractual agreements and the determination of the concluded decisions of judicial and extrajudicial settlements;
d) initiation of litigation before the courts and representing clients in these disputes,

3. Family Law and Succession
Advocate Stanislaw Chodkowski share their knowledge and experience with people looking for professional assistance in matters on the basis of family law and succession, such as:
a) divorce and marriage annulment;
b) legal separation;
c) abolition of joint property of spouses and the division of common property;
d) affiliation or denial of paternity;
e) alimony and spousal support;
f) adoption;
g) matters arising over the exercise of parental authority;
h) matters relating to succession proceedings - from determine inheritance, to his division.

II. Offer for business

  • Consulting for individuals in the establishment and operation of various forms of economic activity;
  • Company formation and registration in the National Court Register;
  • Services of debts arising from business activities;
  • Inquiry of fraudulent contractors using instruments of criminal law;
  • Advise on the level of an amicable settlement of disputes arising from economic activities;
  • Initiation and conduct litigation on behalf of businessman, and representation in cases against the customer;
  • Representing businessmen in disputes with government agencies and local community.